Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ford Foundation program officer tells Ugandan Civil Society Coalition that Other Sheep helps liberate sexual minorities through Bible interpretation

Reporting: Dennis Wamala, Other Sheep Uganda Chairperson, Kampala, Uganda.
October 28 & November 4, 2009.

Dennis Wamala (photo at left), chairperson of Other Sheep Uganda, reports that the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law meeting in Kampala "gave a special mention and thanked [Other Sheep] for the support it is providing during these trying times." In an email, Dennis says "Today (October 28, 2009) . . . the director of Akina Mama wa Africa - the organization spearheading the coalition - thanked Other Sheep." In a second email, Dennis says, "Today (November 4, 2009) . . . Willy Mutunga, program officer at the Ford Foundation Kenya expressed content [sic] with the work Other Sheep Kenya is doing. He said, 'Other Sheep has some very interesting interpretations of the Bible. This can be very useful in our struggle to liberate sexual minorities.' Willy also acknowledged the fact that he was aware that Rev. Michael Kimindu and John Makokha are working for Other Sheep in Kenya."

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