Friday, March 18, 2011

Rev. Michael Kimindu announces newly formed Other Sheep Afrika-Kenya (OSA-K) organizaztion; Other Sheep Kenya (OSK) dissolved

Leaders continue the vision and spirit of Other Sheep East Africa and Other Sheep Kenya with new organization.

Rev. Steve Parelli reporting
March 17, 2011
Bronx, New York

In an email addressed to Other Sheep, Metropolitan Community Churches, Reconciling Ministries Network and Changing Attitude, Rev. Kimindu announced the formation of Other Sheep Afrika-Kenya.

The new organization came into existence largely due to qualifications stipulated in a recent email from a major African foundation to Other Sheep Kenya (OSK) in which it said Other Sheep Kenya would have to undergo major restructuring before additional grants could be awarded. In its email, the foundation cited, among other qualifying conditions, the need for OSK to clearly indicate its independence from all organizations outside of Africa. The foundation has been a major financial contributor to Other Sheep Kenya.

In his email announcing the formation of OSA-K, Rev. Kimindu, president of the newly formed organization, writes that OSA-K "wishes to retain our relationship with you as it has been, i.e., at the level of spiritual, intellectual and information sharing."

The new organization will work for all the marginalized - "orphans and vulnerable children, people living with HIV/AIDS, women [and] any person we feel is marginalized" - throughout all of Africa. The mission includes bringing "educational awareness on human rights, sexual identity and gender equality."

A new board of seven distinguished members (not including the president and the CEO) was formed. The board hired Rev. John Makokha as the Chief Executive Officer and Anne Baraza Makokha as Counseling Consultant.

Rev. John Makokha was appointed Regional Representative for Eastern and Northern Africa, Rev. Elie Gasana as Regional Representative for Central and Southern Africa, and Rev. Kimindu as Acting Regional Representative for West Africa.

The OSA-K board "approved that Other Sheep Afrika-Kenya shall be independent, autonomous and distinct in terms of management and operations [with] Other Sheep(USA)" and that "this should be reflected in the . . . website and leadership."

Rev. Steve Parelli, executive director of Other Sheep, in an email to Rev. Kimindu, president of Other Sheep Afrika-Kenya, recognized the newly formed organization and expressed his sincere desire to continue the friendship between the two organizations.

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