Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My husband Jose and I met in February of 1997, 15 years ago this month

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all lovers, friends and significant relationships of whatever type -- however you define and experience your togetherness!

How Jose and Steve met
An Ex-"Ex-gay" Love Story
By Rev. Steve Parelli, Bronx NY, September 7, 2005


February 1997.  Calvary Baptist Church, 57th Street, Manhattan, New York. A Tuesday evening "ex-gay" support group called HOPE led by an "ex-gay" deacon of Calvary Baptist Church. That's where Steve and Jose

Steve had arrived early that evening. Perhaps as much as forty-five minutes early. He had come in from New Jersey, about an hour and half travel time away. Though this was his first time to this "ex-gay" meeting, it was by no means his first attempt at "ex-gay" help.

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Jose Ortiz, left, and Rev. Steve Parelli
participants in the Soulforce Action at
Bishop Eddie Long's church.
Here, seated in the Hospitality Suit of

the church where the meeting
with the Bishop took place.


Steve stood and spoke intently with the first person who entered the room there on 57th Street, Manhattan. Then a second person entered and a third. The two of them stood close by and engaged in conversation with each other. Out of the corner of his eye, Steve noticed the third man, a handsome dark-skinned man of moderate height with Caucasian features, a Spanish-African New Yorker of Puerto-Rican decent. His name was Jose.

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