Monday, February 22, 2010

Other Sheep Kenya Conducts Nakuru PFLAG Seminar - 32 Participants Attend

by Rev. Steve Parelli, Bronx, NY.

Rev. John Makkha, Other Sheep Kenya Coordinator, in a February 21, 2010, email, reports: "Other Sheep Kenya held a seminar for parents, friends of lesbian and gay (PFLAG) persons in Nakuru, Kenya, on February 19, 2010. A total number of 32 participants attended the one day workshop. The seminar theme was 'Sexuality and homophobia/transphobia in view of religious dogma.'

"The participants were drawn from Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist, Supkem, United Methodist Church, Friends church, Reconciling Ministries Network, Family Hope, Human Rights Network, Mid Rift Human rights Network, God's Family Church, Africa Independent Pentecostal church, Catholic church, Integrity, Changing Attitude, Kinship International, Home Vision Kenya, St. Joseph Youth Center, Brahma Kumaris, Kenya Youth Alliance, Teachers, Thairira widows, and Anglican church."

Speakers at the Other Sheep Kenya Nakuru PFLAG Seminar included: Rev. Michael Kimindu, Rev. John Makokha, Ann Baraza, Pastor Jackson and Peter Wanyam.

The seminar participants made seven observations.

For a full report of what the speakers said, and for the seven observations of the seminar participants, go to the Other Sheep Report webpage.

In 2007, Jose Ortiz and Steve Parelli introduced the idea of PFLAG to the LGBT community in Nairobi, Kenya, using the Blue Book as a suggested course book for initial PFLAG meetings. Since then, the PFLAG idea of reaching family and friends with positive materials has been an ongoing thrust of Other Sheep Kenya.

Other Sheep acknowledges Rev. John Makokha with much gratitude in his accomplishment of this Other Sheep Kenya PFLAG seminar.

Other Sheep especially thanks UHAI-EASHRI for their support. Their generous grant, awarded to Other Sheep Kenya, made possible this seminar.

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