Monday, February 22, 2010

Other Sheep Kenya to Conduct Gay-Topic Workshops in Mombasa, Kenya, for Sheikhs, Imams and Christians

by Rev. Steve Parelli, Bronz, New York

Rev. John Makokha of Nairobi, Kenya, Coordinator for Other Sheep Kenya announced today that Other Sheep Kenya will conduct workshops in Mombasa the first week of March (2010)  for Sheikhs, Imams and Christians. 

The announcement read:  "Other Sheep Kenya has organized a workshop for 30 Sheikhs and Imams in the Coastal town of Mombasa and another workshop for 30 Christian leaders during the first week of March. These workshops will address issues of sexual orientation and homophobia and transphobia in view of religious dogma."

Rev. Makokha noted:  "Pray for OSK as we take peace, justice and reconciliation with the love of God to the coastal community."

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