Friday, June 24, 2011

Joe Solomese may have it backwards when it comes to Obama in DC and the republicans in Albany

By Rev. Steve Parelli
Steve Parelli at June 20,
2011, demonstration
for Marriage
Bronx, NY
June 24, 2011

Marriage Equality:  Who's Walking Slowly and Who's Evolving?  Does Joe Solomese of the HRC have it all backwards?

I just  heard Joe Solomese on Andrea Mitchell msnbc say that Obama is "evolving" while the republicans in Albany are "walking slowly." Actually, it is the republicans who are "evolving" and Obama is "walking slowly." Andrea Mitchell in her live one-on-one interview asked Solomese all the right critical questions about Obama's "evolving" but Joe didn't have any hard answers for fear, so it appeared, of putting Obama in even the slightest of bad light. 

If you paid over $30,000 to hear the president speak at last evening's NYC LGBT event, then I suppose you wouldn't want to throw cold water on the occasion, either.  Seems Joe doesn't wish to.  Even so, for that kind-of-a-price, its worth getting it right:  Obama is walking slowly and the republicans in Albany are evolving.

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