Saturday, May 5, 2012

The demise of the "ex-gay" movement --

and, That Calvary Baptist Church of Manhattan totally misrepresented "success" within their "ex-gay" support group

by Rev. Steve Parelli, Bronx, NY.  May 5, 2012

I just read a blog (from On Being Jewish, Christian and Gay) in which it was reported:  "Exodus Cancels Next ‘Love Won Out’ Conference Due to Lack of Interest."

Exodus is an international organization that sponsors support groups to help gay Christians become, in some sense of the word, straight.

I linked the blog to my Facebook and wrote the following commentary:

It is my experience, personally, that Hope, the Exodus group I attended in 1997 at Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan (a church-sponsored and church-led the group), did not do anything for any of the members that attended while I was there.  In fact, Hope could not point to one person in its history preceding my attending who was a "success" in any sense of the word.  Irresponsibly, the Hope website made claims of "miracles" happening within their very own ex-gay support group.  This, of course, was a total misrepresentation.  

Calvary Baptist Church, NYC,
where I met my husband in 1997
while attending Hope, the
church's "ex-gay" ministry
The "ex-gay" movement, now that it is more and more in the public eye, can not hide anymore among its own unknowing, unaware, captive hurting Christian gays who have sought out the help of Exodus, coming from within the confines of an evangelical, Bible-only mindset.  These gays were already in jeopardy, living within the confines of an evangelical-church-family setting.

I survived the "ex-gay" movement (as did Jose who is now my legal husband).  You can read about my story with Hope here (it is where I met my husband); and you can read my evaluation of the "ex-gay" movement here.  This paper (Is There Really Such a Thing as "Ex-gay"?) has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Nepali, and is presently being translated into French.  The paper was published by Gay and Lesbian Review.  In addition, you can read what "ex-gay" proponents say in their own words -- while on this web page, check out the left column for addition related links.

From my personal observations, and from my reading of "ex-gay" material, I have concluded that:  For the ex-gay movement, "change," "healing," "coming out of homosexuality," and being "ex-gay"  is about behavior modification. There is no change in sexual orientation, only lifestyle.

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