Thursday, May 17, 2012

International Day Against HOMOPHOBIA &TRANSPHOBIA

Dear Other Sheep Friend,

Today is International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia.

On May 15, Other Sheep publishd "the brutal murder of transgender Anil Sadanandan of Kerala." Anil had helped in the
preparations of the Other Sheep Kerala University students' presentation on July 18, 2011, pictured at right.

Anil is the second activist with whom we (Steve and Jose) have personally worked who has been murdered. In 2007, David Kato invited Other Sheep to come to Uganda from Kenya. We accepted his invitation and joined him in Uganda for a few days. David was murdered in January of 2011 (see Other Sheep web page “In Memory of David Kato").
It is unfathomable for us (Streve and Jose) to think that we have personally worked with two LGBT individuals who have been murdered. We have traveled only two months out of the year - July and August - since 2005. It is unthinkable that in a span of so few days of travel abroad we would meet two LGBT individuals who would be murdered.

Certainly, the world's level of consciousness about hate-crimes needs to be raised, and where there is already awareness, to be maintained.

This forward to the IDAHO article below serves to remind us all that real LGBT people, with real caring/productive lives, are violently abused and at times even the unthinkable happens – their life is taken from them. 
In loving memory of Anil and David,

Steve and Jose
Other Sheep
Bronx, NY

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